Colour use in the bathroom, more than just a matter of fashion

002 Bemis febWith the increasing importance of aging in place and a growing group of elderly people, colour use in the bathroom becomes more than just a matter of fashion. In fact colour in your bathroom can play an important role in the ease of orientation and self-sustainability.

We orientate ourselves for 80% threw eyesight. With advancing years your eye whites turn more and more yellow and the shape of your pupils change, degrading the ability to perceive colour, contrast and depth correctly. 
For people with degrading eyesight caused by aging or eyesight affecting diseases like dementia, finding there way around in the bathroom can become a challenge. Especially when the use of lots of white in tiling and ceramics leave little to no contrast in the design of the bathroom. 

Studies about colour perception show that, red is a colour that is easier to observe even after degrading eyesight. Using red or contrast coloured items in your bathroom can improve orientation a lot. A contrasting red toilet seat makes the toilet recognisable for people with dementia and easier to spot by bad eyesight, which in turn can prevent accidents from happening in the bathroom. 

Carrara & Matta offers toilet seats in red and contrasting colours like black and blue helping you create clear visibility and recognition in your bathroom.  To guarantee a stable safe toilet seat that does not slip or shift on your toilet pan,  Carrara & Matta developed the STA-TITE® hinge fixing system. The patented toilet seat fixing system is specifically designed to resist high pressure and does not loosen over time. 

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