Fix it right with STA-TITE®!

dimension sample webnewsInstalling a toilet seat should be simple, but no matter how carefully installed, somehow they always work loose. Research shows that the number one consumer need in a toilet seat is a product that stays tight. That's why Carrara & Matta, part of Bemis Manufacturing Family, developed STA-TITE®

The STA-TITE® fixing system does exactly what it says: stay tight. The unique finned washer prevents the hinge from moving and the robust one-piece nut eliminates fumbling with individual pieces, resists corrosion and provides superior clamping force.  

The robust STA-TITE® bolt and also the seat itself have been analysed and tested to stand up to the forces that make a toilet seat turn loose. The result is a seat that holds strong and stays tight longer than any other toilet seat, confirmed by the positive feedback of many happy customers. 

After more than 10 years of successful installations, Carrara & Matta now introduces STA-TITE® top fix. Developed for restricted access toilets, STA-TITE® top fix installs easily from the top of the pan providing the same quality and strength you know of a bottom fix STA-TITE® product. 

Learn more about STA-TITE® top fix, or contact us to find out availability closest to you.