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bemis ultra-fix

Bemis Ultra-fix® a toilet seat fixing system that stays tight

Installing a toilet seat seems simple, but no matter how carefully installed somehow they always come loose. That’s why we developed Ultra-Fix®, a patented hinge fixing system that will actually keep your toilet seat tight.

Toilet seats repeatedly work loose for two reasons:

No more wobbly seatFirstly, the mounting hole of the toilet pan is much larger than the bolt that goes through it, creating natural movement on the pan no matter how tight the seat is installed;

Secondly, the toilet seat is not fully tightened enabling it to more easily loosen.

The Bemis Ultra-Fix® hinge fixing system solves both of these problems. It is available on various toilet seat designs and for toilet ceramics that either require fixation from the bottom or top of the ceramic.

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The tried and tested solution!

To ensure a seat that does not loosen, Bemis Ultra-Fix® toilet seats have gone through vigorous testing.

  • Seat deflection tests up to 30.000 cycles showed toilet seats with Ultra-Fix® fixation were still firm after 30.000 cycles and last up to 40 times longer than regular toilet seats. 
  • Hinge movement tests up to 30.000 cycles showed toilet seats with the Ultra-Fix® fixing system stayed tight even after 30.000 cycles and last up to 300 times longer than a regular toilet seat.

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The Ultra-Fix solution

Bemis Ultra-Fix® is designed for your classical toilet ceramic with hinge fixation from the underside of the ceramic.

How does it work?
First, a unique finned bushing flexes to provide a snug fit in any toilet pan mounting hole and prevents movement.

Secondly, the one-piece plastic nut provides superior clamping force, eliminates fumbling with individual nuts, rings and washers during seat installation, and resists corrosion.

And third, the bottom of the nut snaps off at the optimum tightening torque, locking the seat down perfectly tight.

The result
Toilet seats with the Bemis Ultra-Fix® hinge fixing system never loosen.